Yamato Japanese Navy Battleship (New Tool) 1/200 Gallery Models

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Brand new tooling!

•Kit contains over 2,800 parts
•Finely rendered deck pattern
•Includes: three 46cm gun turrets; two 15.5cm gun turrets; six Type 89 12.7cm AA gun with shield: six Type 89 12.7cm AA gun; twenty-four Type 96 triple 25mm AA gun with shield; twenty-eightType 96 triple 25mm AA gun; six single Type 96 25mm machine gun; two Type 93 twin 13mmmachine gun; range finder; searchlight; signal lamp, crane; catapult; and more
•Fifteen photo etched sheets for handrails, ladder, and radar parts
•Two Mitsubishi F1M2 & two Aichi E13A1 seaplanes
•Seven types of boats in kit: 17m motor pinnace, 15m motor boat, 11m motor boat, 12m motor launch, 8m motor launch, 9m cutter, and 6m dinghy

Over 50" long when completed!