WWII RAF Day Fighters 1941-1945 PRU Model Air Paint Set (8 Colors) Vallejo Paint

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Contains 8 17ml. Model Air acrylic airbrush-ready paints.

This set has been developed for painting the RAF day fighter aircraft from August 1941 until the end of the War, as well as the HF Interceptors (High Fighters). The set also includes the colors for the PRU (Photographic Reconnaissance Unit ) aircraft.
The set includes the colors for the  air plane profiles and  camouflage patterns  drawn by Mark Rolfe. With the collaboration of “Pieza a Pieza.
Set Contains:
  71.273 Ocean Gray
  71.324 BS Dark Green
  71.307 BS Medium Sea Grey
  71.302 Sky Type S
  71.109 Faded PRU Blue
  71.408 PRU Pink
  71.057 Black
  71.279 Insignia White