Warrior Shapshooters of the American Civil War 1861-1865 Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 64 pages
Sharpshooters were highly trained marksmen, that served in a front-line role in the Civil War. By the mid 1850s, technological developments meant that weapons were now available that could guarantee greater accuracy over increased range than traditional muskets, yet such items still could not guarantee results in the hands of poorly trained and inexperienced users. Thus when the Civil War broke out in 1861, both Confederate and Union experts decided that specialized sharpshooter units should be formed, that could benefit from focused training and superior weaponry. The selection procedure was demanding, and in training only those that could prove themselves capable of accurately judging distances and having a steady aim would proceed. The sharpshooter's combat role was no less exerting. Employed as scouts and skirmishers, they were inevitably the first into action, in both attack and defense. A resourceful nature was needed to survive at greater distance from the protection of the massed ranks - as well as a great deal of courage and nerve. This title examines the recruitment, training, tactics and deployment of sharpshooters from both sides of the conflict. It also takes a close look at the specialized personal weaponry of the sharpshooter, the rifle and its accoutrements, as well as the sharpshooters' unique insignia and identification patches.