Vanguard German Pocket Battleships 1939-1945 Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 48 pages
Following on from the first volume covering battleships, this title will cover the Pocket Battleships of the German Navy, the three sister ships that formed the core of the Kriegsmarine's fighting power at the start of World War II: the Deutschland, the Admiral Graf Spee and the Admiral Scheer. This study will start off with a brief background of German warship development, after the end of World War I, including the birth of the concept of the Panzerschiff, or Pocket Battleship as a method of circumventing treaty limitations on the size and types of ship Germany was permitted to build. The use of new, more modern production methods with welded construction prevailing over the older riveting process and the marrying of modern engines providing the capability of fast speeds, with a very powerful armament, far superior to that on any enemy Cruisers. The operational history of all the ships will be covered. The Graf Spee, and her highly successful, though brief career as a commerce raider before her scuttling in Montevideo Harbour, the Deutschland, renamed Ltzow and reclassified as a Heavy Cruiser, which survived until the last days of the war, primarily active in operations along with the Tirpitz in the frozen waters of the far north and seeing out her final days in bombardments of advancing Soviet troops in East Prussia, and finally the Admiral Scheer, as with the Graf Spee a moderately successful surface raider which spent the final part of the war, like Ltzow, in action against Soviet ground forces until being bombed and capsizing during an RAF attack on the harbour at Kiel.