US M1A2 SEP MBT 1/16 Trumpeter

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The M1A2 is the newest version of the M1 family. All of the wartime realities and the experiences that the M1A1HA went through during the Gulf War were factors considered in the creation of the M1A2. This tank is a product of advanced technology in the age of electronic information systems. All hardware and software in the M1A2 is up to date, and the information transfer is digital with Bus-systems. With the System Enhancement program (SEP), the US Army will upgrade a total of 1079 old M1 tanks to the M1A2 standard. In addition to these 1079 rebuilt tanks, the Army has 62 newly produced M1A2 and 19 pilot vehicles in their inventory.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/16
Skill Level: 4
Length: 24.4”
Width: 9.2”
Parts: 1000+
- Painting and assembly required
- 22 sprues
- One decal sheet
- One photo-etched fret
- Clear parts
- 33 black vinyl tires
- Individual track links
- Various metal screws
- Rubber ring
- One-piece slide-molded upper and lower hulls
- Detailed wheel assembly
- Illustrated instructions and paint guide
*Cyanoacrylate glue is required for photo-etched parts*


Paint Guide:

A. Sandy Brown
Tire Black

B. Light Green
Wood Brown
Flat Black
Tire Black