US HH-65A Dolphin Search and Rescue Helicopter 1/48 Trumpeter

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The United States Coast Guard has added 96 short range HH-65A helicopters to its fleet to replace the HH-52A Sikorsky Sea Guard. Though normally stationed ashore, the dolphins can be carried on board assisting in the missions of search and rescue including drug interdiction, polar ice breaking, marine environmental protection including pollution control, and military readiness. HH-65As are made of corrosion-resistant, composite-structure materials. The shrouded tail rotor is unique to the Dolphin. Also a unique feature of the Dolphin is its computerized flight management system. Sometimes, the system will bring the aircraft to a stable hover fifty feet above a selected object. The Dolphin is manufactured by Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation in Grand Prairie, Texas.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/48
Parts: 91
Length with rotors turning: 14.5”
Length of fuselage: 9.4”
Rotor diameter: 9.8”
- Painting and assembly required
- Clear parts
- Decals for US Coast Guard 
- Includes instructions