The Weathering Aircraft Magazine Issue 21: Bases by AMMO by Mig Jimenez

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The 21st issue of The Weathering Aircraft is available now! This time we are focused on a subject critical to all modelers, displays. Bases are not only important to creating a quality model, they also easily allow you to showcase it. More and more aircraft modellers are making bases for their aircraft kits these days. Additionally, the piece is protected and easier and safer to transport.

The base specifically helps each modeler to add a backstory to the subject, something that is not always possible with the paintjob alone. If this was not enough, bases also open up the possibility of immersing ourselves in new disciplines including scenery and figure painting. This provides an opportunity to learn many useful things from our modelling colleagues working in unexplored genres. In this issue, you are shown everything required to represent various types of terrain, vegetation, accessories, and earth effects. The most up to date techniques and products needed to build various settings are explained in thorough detail and includes arid desert, snow-covered ground, aircraft carrier decks, and anywhere else aircraft commonly sit.

As you have come to expect from TWA, we have gathered teaching tools and inspiration from some of the worlds experts in both dioramas and aircraft. Each will guide you along with simple step-by-step articles so that you can reproduce the effects shown, all accompanied by clear text and high-quality photographs. All in all, this is an extremely comprehensive issue, providing you with the opportunity to learn how to recreate extremely captivating and realistically convincing bases.


Reference: A.MIG-5221
Title: The Weathering Aircraft Issue 21 - Bases
Authors: Jorge Porto, Ricardo Merino, Mario Gabás, Andreia Rodrigues, Lalo Zeleny, Aurelio Gimeno
Publisher: AMMO by Mig Jiménez
Subject: Painting and weathering techniques for aircrafts
Collection: The Weathering Aircraft
Languages: English
No. page and description: Softcover, 72 pages with high-quality full-colour photos 
ISBN: ISSN 2445-1185 / EAN: 8432074052210