SS100 Gigant Schwerer Radschlepper German Heavy Tractor 1/72 Special Hobby

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Assembly Required. Skill Level 3. Ages 14 and up
1/72 Scale. Originally manufactured in 1936 as the SSA-100 heavy cargo tractor, it was quickly commandeered for use by the military during WWII. Modified and produced in both two and four-door versions with a new designation of SS-100, this Hanomag vehicle became one of the most widely used heavy tractors in German Military service. Best known for its use in towing the V-2 rockets to their launch site, it was also used to tow heavy aircraft and bombs. Civilian production would continue after 1945, with over 1,000 produced from wars end until 1950. 

Product Details:
Skill Level: 3

- Decals for 3 marking schemes:

    (1) Eastern Front Gigant in dark grey

    (2) A dark yellow w/ brown and green camouflaged Luftwaffe vehicle from the Messerschmitt factory airfield in Regensburg,

    (3) A dark yellow vehicle used at Peenenmunde for towing the V2 missles.

- 3 sprues


Paint Guide:

Tank Grey
Dark Yellow
Red Brown
Olive Green
Matt White
Matt Black
Tire Black