Space Shuttle Discovery with Boosters 1/144 Revell Germany

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Assembly Required. Ages 14 & Up.

From 1983 onwards, with the completion of several new orbiters, NASA considerably intensified their scientific experiments and strategic military activities in collaboration with the US Air Force. Communication and research satellites were transported into space, on-the-spot repairs were carried out and the American space station was built up and provisioned. The "Discovery" lifted off for the first time in August 1984. Since October 1985 the fourth space shuttle, the "Atlantis", has been used for 26 missions. The "Endeavour" was launched for the first time in May 1992. The orbiters can remain in space for up to 28 days. Due to two tragic accidents in which the whole crew lost their lives, the "Challenger" was lost in 1986 and the "Columbia" in 2003. Flights resumed after a two-year interruption and extensive modifications to the orbiters and the main tank. When it landed at Edwards Air Force Base in August 2005, the 31st flight of the "Discovery" brought the 114th NASA space shuttle mission to a successful conclusion. When shuttle flights are resumed in the next few years the construction of the international space station ISS will continue. The European space lab "Columbus" will also take part.
Please see the paint guide below to complete the model as it's pictured on the packaging.  Click here to see a guide to the corresponding Testors paint numbers.
Product Details:
Skill level: 4
Scale: 1:144
Length: 437 mm (17.2")
Height: 437 mm (17.2")
Parts: 97
*Use only cement for polystyrene plastic*


Paint Guide:

Matte Tank Grey
Matte Clear
Matte Africa Brown
Matte Anthracite Grey
Silky Matte Wood Brown
Matte Greyish Blue
Matte Grey
Matte White
Matte Brown
Silky Matte White
Metallic Aluminum
Metallic Silver
Silky Matte Black
Silky Matte Light Grey
Metallic Steel