Solution Book: How to Use Shaders by AMMO by Mig Jimenez

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The AMMO SHADERS are a new type of product designed to create a variety of effects on all types of models in simply and easily. The transparent and ultra-fine range of colours allows all skill level of modeler to apply stunningly realistic effects. From fading effects to wear and tear, shadows and highlights, altering base colours to altering hues, this new range can even be applied to effect base colours as an airbrushable filter.

In this book, José Luis López will show you all the secrets of working with these new products in order to get the most out of their special characteristics. Cover to cover, exhaustive step-by-step guides explaining how to paint a 1/48 Tamiya T-55 in a generic desert scheme, including how to paint the base coat as well as chipping, dust, streaking, rust, grease and soot effects, and all manner of universally useful techniques!

68 pages, full-color photos and illustrations.