SdKfz 171 Panther G Steel-Type Wheel Tank w/IR Sights 1/72 Dragon

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Plastic model kit. Requires paint and cement for assembly (not included)

Some late-war Panthers had innovative infrared sights fitted for the commander, gunner and driver. The commander’s night-fighting sight, for example, was called the FG 1250 Sperber (Sparrow Hawk), and it comprised a 300mm infrared searchlight.

Dragon is now offering such a sublime 1/72 scale plastic model kit of a Panther Ausf.G with steel wheels and a full set of infrared sights. Modelers can be sure that this smaller-scale kit enjoys a fantastic pedigree. Indeed, the kit shows advances since it benefits from the very latest technologies. Thus, all the infrared night-sight devices and their mounts for the commander, gunner and driver are 3D-printed. Such 3D printing ensures the finest of details are rendered accurately. The 7.5cm gun barrel and tracks are all single-piece elements to ease construction too. The final result is a unique-looking version of the Panther Ausf.G, one that’s extremely well equipped for late-war combat.