Scribe-R Parallel Panel Scribing Tool with Four Blades (.33, .5, .75, 1mm) RB Productions

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This is a scribing tool that scribes two parallel lines in one stroke. This is perfect for scribing planks, panel lines, hinge lines, duck-boards and any other kind of parallel lines. The back of each holder can also be used as a "scribing file" like Scribe-R (RBR19).


Product Details:

- Set includes four blades and four holders

- Stainless steel

- Needs to be attached to a standard #1 knife handle (EXL19001)

- Blades scribe parallel lines with the following distance between lines:

       - 0.33mm (~0.01 in)

       - 0.5mm (~0.02 in)

       - 0.75mm (~0.03 in)

       - 1mm (0.04 in)