Rubbing Stick w/3mm & 5mm Tips (3ea) AK Interactive

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Set with metal handle and 3 sponges of each size (3MM and 5MM).

This metal tool with different size sponges on the ends is designed to apply or remove weathering products with precision.

Use to clean panel washes (Panel Line Cleaner) or place decals. The slanted tip of the sponges allows you to clean and work in hard-to-reach areas and do fine detailing.

They are lint free and reusable.

Simply wash them with universal thinner when the tip gets too dirty.

How to use:

Allow your panel wash to dry first before cleaning unless you wish to stain it.

1. Moisten (without saturating) the tip with a thinner or solvent suitable for the paint you want to work with.
2. Gently slide the tip in one direction along the surface to be cleaned or gently wipe off excess paint/pigment.
3. Keep the tip clean to avoid smudging, unless you are looking for a lightly abraded appearance.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the desired effect is achieved.
How to use video below

The foam tip may soften if you use a strong solvent, but it will not spoil and will regain its firmness after the solvent evaporates.

Foams are reusable. It is not necessary to apply a lot of pressure to wipe off excess paint or pigment and by taking care of the sponges they will last longer.