**PREORDER** M18 Hellcat U.S. Tank Destroyer 1/35 Tamiya

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This 1/35 scale model assembly kit depicts the M18 Hellcat. The M18 Hellcat was an American tank destroyer used during World War II, and also deployed in the Korean war. The tank featured a compact torsion bar suspension equipped with the 76.2mm tank gun. About 2,500 units were produced and the M18 proved a fearsome opponent for the German Army until the end of the war from the start of its service at the Italian Front in early 1944.

  • 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 192mm, width: 80mm.
  • Details include the inspection hatch on the left front of the side hull and front-curved armor plate based on extensive research of actual vehicle.
  • Features a realistic depiction of turret interior such as the main gun breech attached slantingly, shell rack, transceiver, and turning gears.
  • The gun shield canvas cover surface texture is faithfully depicted.
  • The complex suspension is captured with ergonomic parts breakdown.
  • Clear parts are used to recreate the headlight lens.
  • Assembly type single pin tracks have one-piece straight sections.
  • One figure is included to depict a standing tank soldier.
  • Comes with two marking options to recreate Italian Front vehicles.