Nissan R390 GT1 Photo-Etch Detail Set (For TAM) 1/24 Scale Motorsport

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Assembly Required Skill Level 3. Ages 14 and up.
Designed for the Nissan R390 GT1 Tamiya #24192. Nickel Steel Photoetch Set Contains the following: Exhaust Shields, Radiator Braces, Rivets, Cockpit Details, Door Brackets, Gear Shift Linkage, Radiator Bracing, Seat Brackets, Front & Rear Tow Hooks, Body Fasteners, Windscreen Wiper, Air Duct Brace, Intake Frames, Hose Clamps, Oil Cooler Hardware, Dry Brake, Headlight Frames, Steering Arm Details, Fluid Resevoir Brackets, Front Air Scoop Brackets, Turbo Charger Detail, Oil Radiator, Radiator Facing, Door Hinges, Intercooler Strapes, Hub Details, Intercooler Facing, Door Handles, Kill Switch, Wheel Well Details