Mr. Super Smooth Clear Flat 170ml (Spray) Mr Hobby Paint

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Mr.SUPER SMOOTH CLEAR FLAT is developed on a concept of "make the surface smoother!". Because of including fluorine, it can provide the smoother surface campared with existing items (C182, B514) . Also it has ability that decreasing occuring of whitening phenomenon. So we can say this is the the high grade flat coat spray. When you spray this item to unpainted plastic models, it will look like all-painted.

In addition, if the painted surface was smooth, the friction of each painted surfaces will be decreased, therefore it decreases the scratches occuring and joint parts on Gumdam kits move more smoothly.

This item is flammable and may only be shipped via ground methods. The site will add a $3.00 surcharge to the shipping cost of any order containing a flammable item.