M1130 Stryker Command Vehicle 1/35 Trumpeter

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The M1130 commander's vehicle is a nice asset. It bridges the gap between heavy mechanized forces and the light infantry. The commander's vehicle can track just about anything on the battlefield with its video display terminal. The commander can identify the units by clicking on their icons with a hand-held pointer. The command variant of the Stryker allows the commander to control events away from the tactical operations center. While M1130 can carry 36,133 pounds of equipment, it's not reduced to a snail's pace during battle. In tests, it traveled 150 feet in 9 seconds, and can reach speeds up to 60 mph. It's quick, agile and quiet. It operates even better on urban terrain and can go places a tank can't. Compared to older vehicles, this vehicle can cross mountainous terrain very easily. In addition, a .50-caliber machine gun is mounted on the CV's top, and a grenade launcher can be added as well.

Please see the paint guide below for Trumpeter’s suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/35
Length: 8.5”
Width: 3.3”
Height: 4.6”
Parts: 440
- Requires paint and glue for assembly
- Illustrated instructions and paint profile
- 15 sprues
- Photo-etched parts
- One-piece upper hull
- One-piece slide-molded lower hull
- 1 mask sheet
- Includes stowage set: water cases, beverage boxes and MRE ration packs
- 2 clear sprues
- Includes decals
- 1 sheet to make strapping tape
- 3 crew figures
- 8 rubber tires


Paint Guide:

A. 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment
Metal Black
Wood Brown
Light Green
Tire Black
Olive Drab
Sandy Brown
Flat Black
Blue FS 15044

Red Brown
Semi-Gloss Green