KC-135R USAF Aircraft 1/144 Minicraft

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The KC-135 ranks as one of the longest-lived aircraft currently used in front line service. The KC-135 evolved from a passenger jet transport design in the early 1950's that was almost immediately accepted by the United States Air Force. To this day, the KC-135 continues to serve as the one of the primary transport and mid-air refueling aircraft for the United States Air Force. First placed in service in 1957, up-dated versions of the KC-135 are still flying after over 54 years with many more years still to come.  The KC-135A was the primary mid-air refueling aircraft for the airborne nuclear forces during the Cold War and served as an integral part of the elite Strategic Air Command.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/144
Skill level: 2
Parts: 84
- New engine tooling representing CFM-56 high efficiency engines
- Cartograf decals
- Clear parts
- Recessed panel lines and engraved details
- Detailed landing gear bay
- Includes the following markings:

   - KC-135R (58-0018), 22nd ARW (931st ARG) McConnell AFB, 2013
   - KC-135R (58-0023), Illinois Air National Guard, ca. 2005


Paint Guide:

Flat Black Grey
Gloss White
Primer Green
Burnt Metal
Light Grey
Air Mobility Command Grey FS 36173
Jet Exhaust