Israeli Air Force Helicopter Modern Rotors Since Late 1970s Paint Set (8 Colors) 17ml Bottles Hataka Hobby

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Standard colours of Israeli helicopters since late 1970s

Contains the following colours (acrylic paints, water-based):

HTK-A256 – – FS30099, standard colour of IAF helicopters (incl. AH-1, CH-53, 500MD and Bells) from late 1970s till 1982 Lebanon War

HTK-A257 – Uniform Brown – FS30145, standard overall colour of IAF helicopters after 1982. Used on upper surfaces of refurbished UH-60A/L „Yanshuf”

HTK-A067 – US Army Helicopter Drab – FS34031, standard colour of US helicopters – initial colour of IAF’s AH-64A „Peten”, UH-60A/L „Yanshuf” and AH-1F „Tzefa”

HTK-A258 – Stone Yellow – FS33448, used for upper surfaces in „Tiger” scheme of IAF’s AH-64A/D „Peten”/”Saraph” and all UH-60A/L „Yanshuf”

HTK-A012 – Dark Tan – FS30219, used for upper surfaces in „Tiger” scheme of AH-64A/D „Peten”/”Saraph” and US-painted UH-60A/L „Yanshuf”

HTK-A203 – Sky Grey – FS36463, used for lower surfaces in „Tiger” scheme of AH-64A/D „Peten”/”Saraph” and US-painted UH-60A/L „Yanshuf”

HTK-A259 – Yellow Ochre – FS33434, standardized colour of yellow „V” identification symbol painted on all IAF helicopters since 1982 Lebanon War

HTK-A255 – Bright Blue – FS25183, used on upper surfaces of Israeli Navy HH-65A Dolphin and AS565MA Panther („Atalef”) helicopters (operated by IAF)