HMS Warrior 3-Masted British Ironclad Warship plank-on frame (Advanced Skill Level) 1/200 Constructo

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HMS Warrior was a 40-gun steam-powered armoured frigate built for the Royal Navy in 1859Ð61. She was the name ship of the Warrior-class ironclads. Warrior and her sister ship HMS Black Prince were the first armour-plated, iron-hulled warships, and were built in response to France's launching in 1859 of the first ocean-going ironclad warship, the wooden-hulled Gloire. Warrior conducted a publicity tour of Great Britain in 1863 and spent her active career with the Channel Squadron. Obsolescent following the 1871 launching of the mastless and more capable HMS Devastation, she was placed in reserve in 1875, and was "paid off" Ð decommissioned Ð in 1883. (

Founded in 1942, Constructo wooden model ships was a pioneer in its field. Laser-cut technology has since been incorporated to make kit building an easy and enjoyable hobby. The romance of the sea is at your fingertips with every Constructo kit.

All kits are complete with quality hardware and fittings (brass, cast iron, ceramic, copper) needed for completion.
All models are faithful historical reproductions.
Detailed building instructions (with up to 200 color photos) are included with every kit.
Only top-quality woods are used in Constructo kits.
Recommended for advanced modelers only, requires paint and glue for assembly (not included)
29ÓL x 15Ó H x 6Ó W when complete.