German NBFZ (New Construction) Nr.3-5 Rheinmetall Heavy Tank 1/35 Dragon

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Germany’s first attempt at creating a heavy tank was the Neubau-Fahrzeug (literally, “New Construction Vehicle”), although the design was in fact too ponderous for the blitzkrieg tactics that were being developed. Nevertheless, a total of five vehicles were made, and three of them saw combat in Norway in 1940. The multi-turreted Neubau-Fahrzeug was conceived in 1933, with the main armaments being a 7.5cm KwK L/24 gun and coaxial 3.7cm KwK L/45 gun. There were two other turrets fitted front and rear with machine guns. While the Neubau-Fahrzeug offered good propaganda value, the vehicle operated by a six-man crew wasn’t effective in combat. Three tanks fought in a specially created Panzerabteilung in Norway, although one was demolished after getting stuck in a swamp. By 1942, all these heavy tanks had been scrapped.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer's suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/35

Skill Level: 3

Series: ’39-‘45

Features: Molded in grey with clear and photo-etched parts

- Newly tooled turret with MG reproduced

- Rare & idiosyncratic Neubau-fahrzeug Nr 3-5 perfectly recreated

- Turret side hatches can be assembled open or closed

- Slide-molded upper hull and turret

- Hull bottom has full and correct details

- Delicate 7.5cm KwK L/24 and 3.7KwK L/45

- Movable, upgraded frontal MG

- Turret can be rotated at different angles

- Realistic U-shaped metal tow hooks

- Intricate antenna, engine deck and ventilator

- Complicated exhaust system accurately recreated

- Side fenders with pattern detail on both top and bottom surfaces

- Injection-molded on-vehicle tools and fenders made to thinnest possible dimensions

- Detailed suspension system, sprocket and idler wheels

- Delicate 38cm track produced

- Includes decals

*Use only cement for polystyrene plastic*


Paint Guide:

Flat Black


Field Grey

Wood Brown

Red Brown

Burnt Iron