German Bismarck Battleship 1941 1/200 Trumpeter

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The Bismarck battleship is a world-famous German battleship from World War II. With a full-load displacement of 50,000 tons, it was the largest battleship in the world at that time. During the Denmark Strait sea battle, the Bismarck swooped in less than ten minutes after the sinking of HMS Hood Battlecruisers. But Swordfish torpedo bombers launched torpedoes and hit, causing the Bismarck's rudder to jam and lose control of the normal navigation. The next morning Bismarck was surrounded by the British fleet in a 2-hour continuous onslaught and it finally sank in the Atlantic Ocean.

Please see the paint guide below for Trumpeter’s suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/200
Length: 50”
Beam: 7.2”
Parts: 1700+
- Requires paint and glue for assembly
- Illustrated instructions and paint profile
- Metal anchor chain and propeller shaft
- 45 sprues, hull, decks and superstructure
- Includes bonus full structure main gun turret with two metal gun barrels
- 13 photo-etched frets
- Slide-molded one-piece hull
- Single piece casted deck
- 4 detailed Ar196 aircraft
- Various on-board boats included
- 36cm main battery guns and 10.5cm heavy anti-aircraft guns can turn and elevate
- Clear parts
- Decals

Paint Guide:

Cocoa Brown
Flat White
Flat Black
Grey Naval Yard
Metallic Gold
Neutral Grey
Clear Red
Orange Yellow
Light Blue RLM78
Clear Green
Grey FS26320
Wood Brown