F-14A Tomcat Fighter 1/32 Trumpeter

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The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat, variable-sweep wing aircraft. It first flew in December 1970. The F-14 was the United States Navy's primary maritime air superiority fighter, fleet defense interceptor and tactical reconnaissance platform from 1974 to 2006. It later performed precision strike missions once it was integrated with the Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night LANTIRN system. The F-14 was developed after the collapse of the F-111B project, and was the first of the American teen-series fighters which were designed incorporating the experience of air combat against MiGs during the Vietnam War. The F-14 first deployed in 1974 with the U.S. Navy aboard USS Enterprise, replacing the F-4 Phantom II. Modifications late in its service life added precision strike munitions to its armament. The US Navy received 478 F-14A aircraft and 79 were received by Iran. The final 102 F-14As were delivered with improved TF30-P-414A engines.

Please see the paint guide below for Trumpeter’s suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/32
Parts: 454
Length: 22.5”
Wingspan: 16.75”
- Painting and assembly required
- 28 sprues, upper and lower fuselages and 4 tires
- Photo-etched parts
- Includes external loads
- Clear parts
- Illustrated instructions
- Includes decals and paint schemes for the following versions:

1 ) F-14A, VF-111 ‘Sundowners’, NL-200 / 160656, USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63
2 ) F-14A, VF-1 ‘Wolf Pack’, NE-100 / 158979, USS Enterprise, CVN-65
3 ) F-14A, VF-84 ‘Jolly Rogers’, AJ-200 / 160393, USS Nimitz, CVN-68, 1989


Paint Guides:

Burnt Iron
Grey Blue
Flat Black
Dark Gull Grey
White Insignia
Orange Yellow
Barley Grey
Metal Black
Light Gull Grey
Tire Black
Metallic Red
Clear Red
Clear Blue
Flat White