Enzo Ferrari Photo-Etch Detail Set (For TAM) 1/24 Scale Motorsport

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Assembly Required Skill Level 3. Ages 14 and up.
Designed for the Tamiya Enzo Plastic kit #24260, 24270 & 24273. Nickel Steel Photoetch Frets Contain: Rear Outer Brake Disc, Front Hub Detail, Lower Frame Bracket, Rear Inner Brake Disc, Shock Mounts, Rear Hub Detail, Front Outer Brake Disc, Jamb Nuts, Washers, Front Inner Brake Disc, Shock Mounts, Bolt Heads, Front/Rear Disc Vents, Hub Detail, Shock Mount Base, Fuel Rails, Shock Mounts, Radiator Face, Accelerator Pedal, Footwell Panel, Shock Mounts, Heat Shield, Passenger Footrest, Passenger Footrest, Shock Mounts, Brake Pedal, Rear Deck Latch Tower, Foot Rest, Intake Mesh, Heat Shield, Hyme Joints, Wire Strap, Side Mirror Face, Rear Undertray Mesh, Undertray Access Panel, Intake Mesh, Rear Deck Latch Base, Front Hub Detail, Radiator Face, Intake Mesh, Lower Frame Bracket, Engine Brace Bracket, Rear Hub Detail, Intake Mesh, Rear Mirror Face. Rubber Back Photoetch Sheet Contains: Undertray Fasteners, Reservoir Bracket, Engine Support Bracket, Front Hood Hinges, Engine Badges, Badges, Window Frame, Small Washers, Hyme Joint, Rear Deck Latch Body, Wire Looms, Firewall Detail, Foot Pedal Detail, ID,Hyme Joint Jamb Nuts, Rear Suspension Detail, Rear Deck Latch, Badges, Bolt Heads, Large Washers, Small Washers, Rear Hub Detail, Front Hub Detail, FootPedal Base2, Bolt Heads, Small Bolt Heads, Hyme Joint Washers, VIN ID Plate