E100 German Heavy Tank 1/72 Dragon

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The E-100 project was commissioned in order to standardize parts. It was to be built in classes of varying sizes to replace existing vehicles. Different types were designated a number indicating their weight in tons: E 10, E 25, E 50 (Panther replacement), E 75 (Tiger replacement) and E 100.

Of these only the E-100 project was actually started. Construction of the E-100 prototype proceeded slowly at Henschel's test plant after Hitler's order to cease work on super-heavy tanks, and at the end of the war only the bare hull and suspension were completed.

Now Dragon presents you with this monster in true 1/72 scale!

Here are the details:
1. Complete new-tooled kit (except turret & gun shield)
2. Modified turret with new details, different from Maus
3. Photo-etched parts for engine grille
4. Photo-etched parts for muzzle brake
5. one-piece track link of Dragon's innovative material - Dragon Styrene
6. Panzer crew x 2
7. Cartogarf decal