DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Main Hold Photo-Etch & Decal Set 1/43 Paragrafix

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Photoetched metal detail set.
Super detail the main hold of DeAgostini's Millennium Falcon subscription kit. The floor is the exact pattern, down to the number of grid patterns in each section, as well as the seriously tiny holes (12 per rib). Also, the two maintenance hatchways can be removed and there are brackets to mount the I-beams that are sometimes in place.* The floor can be installed without any modification to the kit part - if the maintenance hatchways are to be displayed open, then some surgery will be required to remove the area underneath them. The two door rings have the correct pattern, including the raised ribs between each lightening hole. The main control panel is setup for easy lighting, just like the cockpit.** Also included are the control panels behind the banquette seating (where the chess game is played), as well as the small one that goes at the end of the banquette where the last three seat back sections should be left off the kit. * Evergreen plastic pieces, item 274, not included. ** Electronics not included.