DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Gun Port Photo-Etch & Decal Set 1/43 Paragrafix

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Photoetched metal detail set
Super detail the gun port interiors of the DeAgostini Millennium Falcon subscription kit.

This photoetch set completely replaces the kit interiors (except seats and flight gun controls) with exhaustively researched control panels and wall details.

The flat outer wall is replaced with an angled bezel, making viewing the interior easier. Through holes allow for easy lighting of the wall controls*.

The notched inner walls are included for the ultimate in accuracy, and a guide ensures that the gun port is aligned squarely.

Many extra X-panels (used throughout the Millennium Falcon sets) are included, as well as numbered panels that can be placed on binders to keep the magazine issues organized.

Contains two photoetch frets (one for each gun port) as well as a full color ALPS printed decal sheet that includes two copies of each panel.

* Electronics not included.