CMP F15A Cab 11 Van Lorry 4x4 Truck 1/35 Mirror Models

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The Canadian Military Pattern truck was made in large numbers during WWII for use in the armies of the British Commonwealth allies. Some were also sent to the Soviet Union after the Nazi invasion of Russia as part of Canada’s lend-lease program to the Allies. During the war these trucks saw service around the world in the North African Campaign, the Allied invasion of Sicily, the Italian Campaign, the Russian Front, the Burma Campaign, the Battle of the Philippines, the liberation of Northwest Europe and the Western Allied invasion of Germany. The wide variety of designs included general service, water tanker, fuel tanker, vehicle recovery, dental clinic, mobile laundry, wireless house, machinery, folding boat transport and anti-tank gun portee. The F15 Ford was often seen in desert service with top of the cab removed.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer's suggested colors.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/35

Skill Level: 3

Parts: 300+

- Assembly required

- Photo-etched and clear parts

- Finely molded engine

- Detailed chassis

- Three marking options- Canadian, British and German


Paint Guide:

Usually all olive drab

Some trucks done in the usual 2 or 3 camo colors

Sand Yellow for desert service