C-130H Hercules Transport Aircraft 1/72 Zvezda

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The American made C-130 Hercules, equipped with 4 turbopropengines, is the most manufactured modern transport plane. It can carry up to 35 tons of cargo for a distance of 3.800km. A total of over 2,500 planes were built in numerous versions, the most widespread is the C-130H, which entered service in 1965 and is still used for transport duties in many countries .This tactical airlifter was involved in nearly every conflict since the Vietnam War. The main users are the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea and many other Air Forces.
The kit consists of 314 parts and decals for US Air Force, Royal Air Force, Japan, South Korea, and Poland. Three pilot figures are included. Cargo ramp and doors can be opened, with fuselage interior, refueling probe included.
Completed kit measures 22" W x 16" L
Plastic model kit, assembly required. Glue and paint are required for assembly and are sold separately.