British Anti-Tank Gun 1/35 Riich

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The 6-Pounder anti-tank gun was a 57mm weapon developed in 1938-40 to replace the 2-Pounder, both as a tank gun and artillery piece. With the fall of France the weapon was shelved because there was no spare production. It was not until early in 1942 that the first 6-Pounder guns were produced, and they saw action in the Desert from April 1942. It became the standard infantry anti-tank weapon with British and, later, American armies. It was a small and relatively lightweight weapon, but was capable of destroying the German Tiger tank. Firing APC Shot, the 6-Pounder could penetrate up to 92mm of armor, increased to 142mm when APDS ammunition was introduced in March 1944. In the British army the 6-Pounder was usually towed by a Universal Carrier. In US service it was towed by small trucks like the Dodge Weapons Carrier or M2 Half Track. The US version of the 6-Pounder was designated the 57mm Anti-Tank Gun M1, and was identical except for the wheels and screw threads. The 6-Pounder was a very well-liked weapon and remained in service with some armies up until the 1960's.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/35

Skill Level: 2

Plastic Parts: 174

Photo-etched parts: 33

- Optional metal gun barrel

- Optional traveling or firing position

- Realistic gun can elevate

- Three types of ammunition cases

- Decals

- Instructions and paint guide


Paint Guide:


Wood Brown


Yellow Green



Tire Black