Boeing 720 United 1/144 Roden

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The first flight of the new machine, now known as the Boeing 720, took place in November 1959. The Boeing 720 differed very little visually from its predecessor, the 707, and only a careful examination could tell the difference. The fuselage of Boeing 720 was shorter by 2.45m, and the wing had a slightly bigger sweep, among other mechanical changes. The lift to weight ratio was more favorable, which allowed simplification of diverse elements of the design and the saving of weight and fuel consumption. The Boeing 720 could carry 116 people - 38 in the first class salon and 78 in second class. For passenger comfort three kitchens and three toilets were provided. The plane had JT3C-7 engines of 5670 kg of thrust each.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer’s recommended colors. Roden recommends Vallejo paints for this kit, and you can find the full line by clicking here.

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/144

Skill Level: 3

- Molded in high quality plastic

- Illustrated instructions

- Clear parts

- Includes decals for one version:

     1. Boeing 720 United Airlines, 1960th.

*Cement is recommended for polystyrene plastic*


Paint Guide:



Transparent Red

Transparent Green