B-1A USAF Bomber 1/144 Minicraft

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The B-1 was designed to replace the aging B-52 to serve as a supersonic heavy bomber capable of delivering a nuclear payload. But after a lengthy development program, the B-1A was never deployed and cancelled in 1977 due to rising costs and increased vulnerability to improving Soviet defensive systems. The B-1A continued to serve long after the program was cancelled as a test bed for the B-1B. The B-1B, while physically similar, was not capable of supersonic flight but included significant improvements in payload and avionics over the B-1A.  The new Minicraft B-1A represents the B-1 during continued flight tests in 1981 in markings similar to that of the B-52 operating at that time.

Please see the paint guide below for Minicraft’s suggested colors. Click here to visit our paint store and choose your preferred brand of paint!

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Product Details:

Scale: 1/144
Skill level: 2
- 3 sprues
- Innovative detailing
- Deluxe decal sheet
- Includes the following markings:

   - USAF B-1A – 76-0174, B-1B test program, U.K., 1982
   - USAF B-1A – 76-0174, U.S. Air Force Museum, 2009


Paint Guide:

Dark Grey
Burnt Metal
Black Grey
Dark Green FS 34079
Desert Brown FS 30140
Desert Sand FS 20400
Light Grey FS 36622

Gunship Grey FS 36118
Jet Exhaust