Aviation Elite Jagdeschwader 27 Afrika Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 128 pages
Synonymous with the Afrika Korps and the campaign in the North Africa, JG 27 provided Rommel's army with fighter protection for virtually the whole 'roller coaster ride that was the war in the Western Desert from 1941-43. Formed in Germany on 1 October 1939 (with Adolf Galland as CO of I.Gruppe), JG 27 saw considerable action both during the Battles of France and Britain, downing 146 aircraft in the latter campaign alone. Sent to North Africa in April 1941, the geschwader had an immediate impact on the campaign, which had up until then been dominated by the Allies. Aces of the calibre of Marseille, Franzisket, Rdel and Neumann soon came to the fore, and air superiority was quickly achieved. By the early autumn of 1942 Marseille had increased his tally to 150 kills, making him the leading ace of the campaign, and JG 27's 'ace of aces' in World War 2. Briefly seeing action in Russia in 1941-42, elements of JG 27 remained in the Mediterranean until early 1944, but the bulk of the geschwader returned to Germany, where it fought to near annihilation in the Defence of the Reich. Equipped with Bf 109s throughout the war, JG 27 claimed the destruction of 2700 aircraft for the loss of 400 pilots killed, 250 missing and 70 captured. The third volume in the Aviation Elite series on a German fighter geschwader, this book will once again prove popular with Luftwaffe enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.