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Pusher fighters, designed with the engine at the rear and the machine gun at the front, may have looked ungainly, yet they were able to hold their own remarkably well against their German counterparts. This is the story of the unusual pusher and its many aces, including Lanoe Hawker VC, who formed and led Britains first fighter squadron before dying in a ten-minute duel with Manfred von Richtofen, American cowboy ace Frederick Libby, third-ranking French ace Charles Nungesser and the aggressive Belgian ace Fernand Jacquet. Packed with colourful artwork of a variety of pusher designs, paint schemes, and camouflage from many different nationalities, this book guides you through the twists and turns of this bizarre yet surprisingly successful fighter during World War 1. Contents: Chapter 1: A Simple Solution, Chapter 2: More Dangerous Than They Looked, Chapter 3: Britains First Fighters Chapter 4: The Fighing Fees, Appendices: Aces, Squadrons and bases, 96 pages