Aircraft of the Aces Mustang Aces of the 9th & 15th Air Force & RAF Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 100 pages
Although best remembered for its exploits with Eighth Air Force units, the Mustang, in its various marks, actually made its combat debut firstly with the RAF. While the Mustang Mk I (powered by the Allison V-1710 engine) was one of the best US types delivered for RAF service due to its strong, 'quality', construction and good flying characteristics, it was no high altitude performer as it lacked a supercharger. Indeed, the aircraft could be quite a handful above 25,000 ft, but it was faster than the Spitfire Mk V, very manoeuvrable and most importantly, could remain aloft for four hours, giving it almost twice the endurance of the British fighter. Eight machine guns - six in the wings and two set alongside the engine crankcase - was a more than adequate armament. The Mustang first saw service in the Army co-operation role, and then with the USAAF's tactically-optimised Ninth and Fifteenth Air Forces. Seeing action in Western Europe and the Mediterranean, pilots like Glenn T Eagleston, John J Voll and Samuel J Brown notched up impressive scores flying P-51Bs and Ds with the 354th, 31st and 52nd Fighter Groups. Rarely given the exposure enjoyed by their high-scoring brethren in the 'Mighty Eighth', this volume at last sets the record straight on Europe's remaining Mustang aces.