Aircraft of the Aces LaGG & Lavochkin Aces of WWII Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 96 pages
The LaGG family of fighters was amongst the first modern piston-engined interceptors made available to the Red Air Forces in early 1941. Although not a match for the German Bf 109, the LaGG-3 nevertheless proved far better fighters than their radial-engined predecessors, the Polikarpov I-15/16 and -153. Dogged by technical maladies and blighted by political interference from Moscow, the LaGG-3 nevertheless matured in the heat of battle to become an effective fighter when flown to its strengths at low level. Many early Soviet aces were weaned on the LaGG-3, and if they survived the early massacres of 1941-42 (when the fighter was dubbed the 'Flying Coffin' due to its wooden construction, and the ease with which it was shot down), they went on to fly the much better Lavochkin family of fighters. Indeed, the Lavochkin La-3, -5 and -7 were the fighters of choice for Heroes of the Soviet Union such as Ivan Kozhedub, who claimed 62 kills with the radial-engined machine.