Aircraft of the Aces Israeli Mirage III & Nesher Aces Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 96 pages
Israeli delta fighters pilots have been credited with almost 300 kills between 1966 and 1974, and dozens of them became aces. Compared with the US air combat experience in Vietnam, the Israeli aerial kill exchange rate and overall air-to-air performance was phenomenon, even though their Arab opponents were usually flying the MiG-21, which should have had a performance edge over the Israeli fighters. Although the Israeli pilots were flying Mach 2 fighters, they lacked any modern radar equipment, and were essentially fighting World War 2 dogfights in jet fighters. In many cases they could actually see the faces of their opponents, and most engagements were a die or survive struggle as neither side had the combat edge to disengage at will. Technology also had an impact on the combat career of the Israeli delta fighters, and the introduction of air-to-air missiles will also be covered in this volume, as well as the production of the Israeli Nesher, a Mirage 5 produced in Israel. Almost all of the air combats detailed in this volume will be described by the pilots involved, giving an intimate insight into modern air warfare, the fears, the disappointments, the loss of friends, the man-machine interface and the kills. Amazingly Israeli fighter pilots tend to remember best the MiGs they missed, the MiGs they did not shoot down and perhaps this is the true virtue of the Israeli Mirage pilots, their ability to implement lessons and the opportunities they had to apply their lessons in combat. The difference between the aces will be described. Some of them were flamboyant, others were quiet. Some of them were military leaders from birth, others were airline pilots claiming most of their kills as reserve pilots.