Aircraft of the Aces Hurricane Aces 1941-45 Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 96 pages
The Hurricane was the RAFs first monoplane fighter, and as such it saw widespread service with Allied forces throughout the war. The first volume on the Hurricane in the aces series featured the fighters exploits in the first year of the war, and this title describes its many feats through the 1945. Used as a fighter-bomber on the Channel coast until 1942, the Hurricane was flown by numerous squadrons in Fighter Command, including the American Eagles and Polish units. The fighter was also the most modern machine available in North Africa following the Axis invasion of Egypt in mid-1940. Remaining in the Mediterranean, the machine was used to defend the strategic island of Malta, and in the ill-fated defence of Greece and Crete. Indeed, some of the highest-scoring aces to fly the Hurricane saw action in this theatre in 1941. The Fleet Air Arm also used the Sea Hurricane as its principle fighter in the Med in 1941-42, creating a handful of aces. In the Far East, Hurricane units failed in their attempt to defend Singapore and Malaya from Japanese forces in 1941-42, but continued to take the fight to the enemy from bases in India and Ceylon. Indeed, the Hurricane was still in the frontline in this theatre in 1945.