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Aircraft of the Aces Fokker D VII of WWI Part 2 Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 96 pages
Designed in a great rush at the end of 1917 just in time to take part in the German standard fighter competition held in January/February 1918, the D VII easily walked away with first prize. Given a longer fuselage and stretched fin following the official fly-off, the D VII was then placed in widespread production. Befitting its status as Germanys premier fighter unit, von Richthofens JG I (led by Hermann Gring in the wake of the Red Barons recent death) received the first examples of the D VII to reach the frontline in late April. Built to oppose the new generation of French SPAD XIIIs and British SE 5as and Camel fighters, the D VII was arguably the best all-round fighting scout of the Great War. More than 1000 had been built by the time the Armistice came into effect in November 1918, and the Allies were in such fear of the D VIIs capabilities that it was specifically named by type in the list of items to be handed over to the victors by the defeated German armed forces. This volume completes the Osprey Aces coverage of arguably the best fighting scout put into the air by either side in World War 1.