Aircraft of the Aces American Spitfire Aces of WWII Osprey Books

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Great Book by Osprey Publishing. 96 pages
The first few American volunteers flew Spitfires with RAF squadrons during the Battle of Britain. However, as more US citizens arrived to serve with the Air Force, often posing as 'Canadians', it was decided to form a specific squadron of these US volunteers along the lines of the legendary Escadrille Lafayette of World War 1. Thus was born the first of three 'Eagle' squadrons. From mid 1941 these began flying Spitfires, and they quickly established a fine reputation within Fighter Command. Other American volunteer pilots flying with regular RAF or RCAF units on the Channel coast, on Malta, in North Africa and the Far East also scored numerous kills against the Axis air arms. After the entry of the United States into World War 2, the USAAF's Eighth Air Force began deploying to Britain in mid 1942. Its fighter component were issued with Spitfires transferred to US charge, and the first of these two Fighter Groups claimed their first victories during the Dieppe raid. The Eagle Squadrons were eventually transferred to the Eighth Air Force where they continued their success in the skies over Europe. Other USAAF Spitfire groups fought during Operation Torch and the battle for Italy.In just two years of service with the USAAF, 22 pilots claimed five or more victories flying the Spitfire, whilst a further two dozen aces claimed part of their total flying them, a testament to their skill and success at the controls of this legendary warbird. Discover the experiences of a variety of American aces in their own words through first-hand accounts, interviews and combat reports, in a thrilling read that transports the reader from the Battle of Britain to the deserts of North Africa to Fortress Europe itself.