Air Series: Luftwaffe Camouflages Set 2 Acrylic Paint Set (8 Colors) (17ml Bottles) AK Interactive

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8 Colors! 17ml Bottles
Luftwaffe Camouflages 2 is a set of 8 acrylic paints essential for painting the authentic colors used by the German Air Force during the World War Two. Our new colors have been carefully researched for accuracy and are presented in our familiar easy to use bottles. The formula of these acrylics is designed for both brush and airbrush, and they are soluble in water, meaning no odors, as you would expect from the more aggressive solvent-based paints. Our acrylics are manufactured by AK-Interactive, and are made from our own formula which prevents problems with them drying in the airbrush. A profile guide is printed on the backside of the box.

This set contains:
-AK2021 RLM 72
-AK2022 RLM 73
-AK2023 RLM 78
-AK2024 RLM 79
-AK2025 RLM 80
-AK2026 RLM 81
-AK2027 RLM 82
-AK2028 RLM 83