Advanced Single-Edged Hobby Sprue Cutter Tool Meng Models

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How long does it take to build a plastic scale model? Removing parts from plastic sprues and clean them up is a time-consuming and boring work. This work may repeat nearly ten thousand times before one model is done.

Is there any chance we can avoid this? MENG has the answer for you. Our MTS-026 Advanced Single-edged Hobby Side Cutter uses forged high strength steel parts. Parts removed by the single-edge side cutter will have neat and smooth cut surfaces. This will make the model building process much faster. The ergonomically designed handle has an increased grip surface and offers improved cutting experience. The limit rod and limit screw will prevent your side cutter’s blade from damage for negligent use. Take this handy tool and enjoy the modelling.


High quality sharp single-edge sprue cutter. Leaves virtually no nub behind. Includes protective cover and adjustment tool

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