88mm Gun Flak 18 1/72 Hasegawa

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This German 88mm cannon was designed as an anti-aircraft gun in 1933 but its real fame came as a twist of fate. It was during the Spanish Civil War of 1938-39, while a number of these were in use by the German Condor Legion, that one of the Flak 18’s was directed at a ground target. The devastating effects on an armored vehicle expanded its role to an anti-tank weapon. It was used effectively early in the African Campaign against the British Eighth Army at Halfaya Pass. A battery of the fixed position Afrika Korps big guns was dug into the rugged ground with only barrels protruding. Thus placed, they were all but invisible to the advancing British Armor. The gun commanders waited until the British tanks were almost upon them before they opened fire and completely smashed the British tank force.

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Product Details

Scale: 1/72
Skill Level: 2

Parts: 40+
- Painting and assembly required
- 4 sprues
- Molded in grey plastic
- Includes four figures
- One small decal sheet
- Gun rotates on base
- Illustrated instructions and paint guide


Paint Guide:

Flat Black
Wood Brown
Red Brown
Field Grey 2
Olive Drab
Sandy Yellow