5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer Tank 1/72 Dragon

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The Luftwaffe was numerically outnumbered as WWII progressed, with the Fatherland and tactical units constantly being bombed and strafed by enemy aircraft. This called for more effective anti-aircraft systems than Germany hitherto possessed. A new vehicle was planned – the 5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer V – though like the Flakpanzer V “Coelian”, it was never put into production. Development of the twin-barrel 5.5cm Zwilling was authorized on 8 May 1944 and it featured a special Krupp armored turret mounted on a Panther Ausf.G chassis. The anti-aircraft vehicle would require a four-man crew and carry 104 ammo rounds. A wooden prototype turret was completed by January 1945, although further development of the 5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer V was eventually cancelled on 14 February.

Please see the paint guide below for the manufacturer's suggested colors.


Product Details:

Scale: 1/72

Skill Level: 3

Series: Armor Pro

Parts: 75+

Features: Molded in grey

- Newly tooled 5.5cm Zwilling Flak cannons can be posed at different angles

- Realistic gun mantlet assembled from multiple parts

- Detailed engine deck, rear plate and stowage boxes

- Highly detailed commander's cupola on accurately molded Flak turret

- Slide-molded upper hull with full detail

- Armored side skirt reproduced

- Intricate road wheels

- One-piece DS tracks

*Use only cement for polystyrene plastic*


Paint Guide:

Flat Black


Red Brown

Khaki Green

Dark Yellow