1.5V Clear Super Gor Bulb GRS Micro Lighting

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Model Railroading Accessories
The 1.5V clear GRS505 bulb has proven to be an excellent loco and tender light for the larger O scale rolling stock. These 1.5 GOR size bulbs can be used on larger S, O, and G scale static models in lieu of the 1.5V micro bulbs provided in the lighting kits. They work very well on emergency vehicles that come with the colored 'gumballs' or lite bars already in place. These bulbs can also be used with the GRS1012 Vehicle Headlight/Taillight Lighting Kit provided the model has plastic lens covers on both the headlight and taillights. Specifications: 1.5V (35ma), 0.092" diameter, 8" insulated leads, 5000 hr. life. The insulated leads measure a mere .018" in diameter and the insulation at the base of the bulb is half the diameter of the bulb.